Courtyard House

Date: 2003
Location: Devonport, Auckland
Project status: Built



Our design transformed the disparate features of the property into a coherent and experiential whole.

The focus of the property became the generous courtyard we created between the existing house and a two-storeyed garage/office at the rear. The courtyard improved movement between the buildings, increased privacy and maximised the favourable northerly aspect for socialising in.

To achieve this, the house verandah and roof were re-built to provide greater shelter from the elements and ease the transition between inside and out. The ground level was raised to simplify the external space and improve the flow. A new wall was built along the southern boundary to increase the sense of containment. A beautiful tree from the neighbour’s side was carefully integrated to soften the enclosure. A timber pavilion placed under its canopy allowed enjoyment of the outdoor room all year round. On the northern side, a new karo hedge was planted to screen coastal winds and perfume the courtyard at night. Finally, a storage area for sailing equipment was concealed behind the new wall adjacent to the garage.



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