Landscape Assessments

Our practice provides landscape assessments, particularly where these relate to heritage 
environments; both built and natural, urban and landscape. We have assessed the effects of 
many nationally important projects and the accuracy with which we are able to describe their 
potential effects has led to hearing decisions supporting our views. 

The value of our assessments resides in their thorough understanding of context and the 
perceived impact projects have on their receiving environments. Governing our thinking is the 
planning legislation applicants must meet for a project’s approval. Our experience on nationally 
important projects has underlined the influence of the RMA on decision-making. This legislation 
seeks a balanced and integrated approach and allows for broader social and environmental 
benefits and sustainable outcomes. 

Most contentious projects rarely achieve the RMA’s aims due to focusing too narrowly on 
operational needs or commercial returns at the expense of a community or environment.

The quality of our work is best represented by the Environment Court interim decision on Three 
Kings Quarry. The Court found: 

“Of all the witnesses in these proceedings [Richard Reid] gave the most detailed analysis of contour levels on the Site and surrounding lands and the likely outcomes of filling in a series of potential contour scenarios. This assisted the Court in addressing the fundamental issues in these proceedings, namely whether development of the Site ought to proceed on the basis of the fill contours initially proposed by Fletchers or some other levels.”

Our wider appreciation and understanding of the receiving environment means we are able to 
recommend more practicable, sensible and acceptable solutions. We ensure the city and 
environment are built into the outcome. 

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