Design Services

Our practice specialises in integrating large projects with local environments. Our design services
include architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, infrastructure and transport planning.

A hallmark of our work is the creation of design proposals which demonstrate how a project can
meet development objectives at the same time as protecting and enhancing the environment. We
have worked on a wide range of important projects in special places, including historic buildings,
nationally significant urban precincts
, roads of national significance, internationally important
and significant ecological areas.


We have prepared alternative plans for six nationally important infrastructure projects
(over $1.6 billion dollars), three of which have been adopted and implemented, two awaiting design 
development after being preferred at the resource consent stage and the sixth is under consideration.
Our designs have improved the infrastructure’s functional performance, at less or no extra cost, and
created better integrated outcomes for the city and environment. 

Urban Design & Planning

We have played a key role in important urban planning projects. We led Manukau CityCouncil’s Urban
Design Group in the preparation of a Public Domain Manual for the redevelopment of Manukau City
Centre. We prepared a research report for Auckland City Council on how to transform the CBD’s public
space shortcomings (which won the 2006 NZILA National Award for Planning). We illustrated urban
development opportunitiesfor Wellington City from our redesign of NZTA’s Basin Bridge Proposal. We
were engaged by Puketapapa Local Board to prepare an alternative plan for the redevelopment of the
Three Kings Town Centre and Quarry


Over the past fifteen years we have been successful in preventing destructive development of five
Auckland volcanoes. Our alternative designs for these places are unique expressions of their bicultural heritage and transform the way maunga are recognised within the city landscape. We have also played a key role in protecting 18 hectares of nationally important, nationally rare and critically threatened native gumland vegetation in Waikumete Cemetery through the Auckland Unitary Plan process.


Architecture is an integral part of our thinking and working. Almost all our projects involve the planning and design of buildings. Our aim is to create well-being, spatial intrigue, experiential richness and poignant place-making. We see architecture’s role is to support a collective outcome, an outlook similar to the Barcelona architect, Manuel de Solà-Morales. Our designs are indelibly shaped by Richard Reid’s experience working with nationally and internationally renowned architects Neville Gruzman and Sir Colin St John Wilson on both small-scale and large projects.

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