Vision and Values

We have a track record for solving complex urban problems and transforming these into assets for the Client and the City. Our solutions are unique, deceptively simple and usually produce space where none was perceived to exist.  

We create innovation within a known environmental risk profile, underpinned by a core set of sustainable principles, which guide the design process and align outcomes with planning legislation and community values. Context and heritage are important touchstones for our work. We care about the protection and enhancement of natural and built features as much as the development of urban space and infrastructure.

Our solutions reveal the resilience and flexibility already embedded in city plans. Our work enables cities to absorb potentially destructive interventions, undergo safe change and retain essentially the same function and structure without crossing a threshold into a new paradigm of development and impact. 

The most admired cities and projects always deliver more than what is expected or required from them. We prepare alternative designs to proposed developments in order to help create better outcomes for the city. In most cases, these have been accepted as the preferred solution. We discover a dimension in projects which has the potential to transform the image a city has of itself. This is why we call ourselves Citymakers. Our whole-of-environment approach produces a surplus of ideas and opportunities, inspiring new directions for the sustainable and creative evolvement of the city.  

We work with different worldviews and perspectives. Clients include central and local government, iwi, community groups and the private sector. Our designs often act as the bridge between these diverse groups. 

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