Waikumete Cemetery

Date: 1999-

Location: West Auckland

Richard Reid & Associates has been working since 1999 to protect large, contiguous areas of native gumland vegetation in Waikumete Cemetery. The native gumland vegetation is considered by botanical experts to be nationally important, nationally rare and critically threatened.

In July 2016 the Auckland Unitary Plan Independent Hearing Panel supported a joint submission from Richard Reid, Ewen Cameron (President of the Auckland Botanical Society and Curator of Botany at Auckland War Memorial Museum), Dr. Mark Bellingham (ecologist and planner), Geoff Davidson (Oratia Native Plant Nursery) and Graham Resnick (former Cemetery Manager) that the whole area of native gumland vegetation should continue to be mapped as a significant ecological area (SEA). 

The Panel’s recommendation, accepted by Auckland Council, will play a key role in continuing to protect the native gumland vegetation, of which approximately 50% (18 hectares) Council had sought to remove from the SEA overlay.



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